New Features for Facebook Messenger That You Need To Know

With over 200 million active users every month, Facebook Messenger is one of the most used and advanced chatting platforms in the form. It is light. It is also fast, reliable, and has a well-designed engine that allows users to send text messages and even share multimedia files easily from within gadgets such as smart phones and tablets.

Over the years, Facebook has introduced many innovative features to its Messenger app making this one-of-a-kind standalone application the best for real-time interaction with friends and colleagues or making quality voice calls via its advanced VoIP, with support for voice calling. Three of the most innovative recent ones that all regular users need to know of include:

Peer-to-Peer Payments Feature

For many years, Facebook Messenger has remained the preferred application for chatting and voice calling with friends and colleagues. Its simplicity, ease of use, and reliability are major selling points, while its new peer-to-peer payments feature has made it one of the best all round multimedia applications in the market in 2015. With this one of a kind feature, Facebook users who have linked their debit cards with their Facebook accounts can send money to their friends instantly via a message without sharing financial details.

All you have to do is click the dollar sign ($) on the application to open the payments screen, type the amount that you wish to send to a contact, and send the message to initiate the transaction.

Once done, Facebook will hold the money for a few seconds before transferring it to the recipient’s account. However, if the recipient has not linked his or her debit card with the messenger, Facebook will hold the money in escrow indefinitely until he or she links one. Facebook’s peer-to-peer payment feature is one of the safest in the market. It protects your financial details. For added security, you also need a unique pin or your thumbprint scan to make a transaction.

Third Party Apps

To ease usage and improve your overall experience while using Facebook messenger, this application now supports numerous (over 40) third-party applications that you can use on demand. For instance, for those who like sports and want to keep tubs with all happening, the ESPN app that comes bundled in Facebook Messenger will serve you well.

It also supports The Weather Channel, WhatsApp desktop client, and popular photo sharing applications such as Instagram. Finally, if you like shopping online, Facebook has collaborated with reputable online retailers such as Everlane and Zulily. Via the Messenger app, you can order goods online, change orders, and track your orders easily.

Chat Heads

Chat Heads is one of the most functional new features for Facebook Messenger that you need to know. It replaces the plain and uninteresting chatting platforms with interesting pop-up bubbles the feature your friend’s messages and profile picture on the same screen. This way, you can know who is chatting with you instantaneously and choose to dismiss bothersome ones.

Stickers and Emoticons

With the new stickers and emoticons integrated into Facebook Messenger, chatting has never been as interesting. Instead of creating long batches of text that often bore readers, you can use several build in stickers and emoticons to spur interest. You can also use its tons of admirable GIFs to express your feelings and or send coded messages.

Facebook Messenger is a well-built application with a ton of interesting features. Its peer-to-peer payments feature allows you to send money to friends from within the messenger. Its bundled third-party apps are functional, while its Chat Heads and smileys improve user experience.

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