New GTA 5 Mod Covers Los Santos in Water

The GTA 5 mods on PC are getting better every day and the latest addition is the ability to flood Los Santos by bringing the entire ocean in.

Sometimes, you might wonder how these players come up with all the crazy ideas. They just go berserk, when it comes to thinking creative and this mod is no different. But, the beauty of the open world game is that, whatever you do to mess it up, it still looks and plays good. With this mod, you can create a day after tomorrow effect, where the entire ocean will flood the city of Los Santos. Just like in the movies, except the tallest buildings, everything else will drown. Cars will be floating below and your only means of transportation are boats and jet skis besides other vehicles that you choose to spawn.

Explore an Underwater World

Once you flood the city, the next thing to do in GTA 5 is to start swimming around. You may probably not recognize the routes, because it is submerged in water at every corner. But, when you go underwater, you will probably find your way because the roads are right below the ocean. The cars are floating, but luckily, the mod doesn’t show you dead bodies of people floating in it. It might be really scary and look more like a zombie apocalypse movie.

Change the weather

The mod allows you to change the weather as well and when submerged in water, just change it to a storm. The rain will start pouring it and it will be really difficult to find your way through it, but it is still fun. Just grab a boat and start roaming. You can also use your weapons to alert the cops who will come swarming, not in cars but in boats and choppers. Make sure to take them down. It is going to be one tough task to do it, while the storm is blowing, but it is fun, similar to Battlefield Paracel Storm maps.

Swim with a Whale

Last but not least, the new mod in GTA 5 PC also allows you to spawn a whale. They will find themselves in their natural habitat because it is water everywhere as described in the biblical stories and you can float with the whale. Change the weather to sunny, so that it is more fun, when you do this and that should probably end your thirst. Next, is to turn Los Santos in a desert with another mod.

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