New Nexus 5 Phone 2015 – Specifications, Rumors, News and More

Every year Google hits the market with a new Nexus phone.

This year as well the Silicon Valley giant is at work with their latest Nexus phone release. With the Nexus phones that are already out there – Nexus 4, Nexus 5, Nexus 6 and Nexus 7 what can be likely expect with their newest Nexus to be unveiled in 2015? For now the news that we’re getting is that Huawei has been confirmed as the new manufacturing partner for the Nexus phone.

Previous Nexus phone releases

Last year the Nexus 6 phone was stated to release in October; however, the phone rolled out late December and people were desperate to get their hands on this newly released device. The one factor that got the thumps down for this installment was its 5.96 inch Quad HD display that was way too big for the users. Even though the device was equipped with the brand-new OS Lollipop, the pricing seemed much more compared to its features as well as the specifications of the previous versions of Nexus.

There was a difference in Google’s Q1 earrings in 2015 where the revenue from sales was found to be down at 3 percent compared to the results in the previous quarter. Though Nexus 6 did not work to raise the success meter for Google, primarily due to its pricing being too much compared to the similar kind of mass appeal that the Nexus 4 and Nexus 5 could muster. Those were killer releases at unbelievably low pricing. The Nexus 7 tablet is the best ever release in term of specifications.

New Nexus 2015 buzz

What will the new Nexus phone be called? That precisely depends on the various speculations doing the rounds currently. Will it be called the Nexus 7 or Google will do something like Apple’s ‘S’ with the naming? Perhaps it may be called the new Nexus 5S or Nexus 6S! That can be the case or both as rumors state that Google is in talks with LG as well that could make a Nexus phone release or Nexus phablet, such that LG makes one and Huawei the other.

Nexus 5 release speculations

During the Google I/O 2015, the Android M technical preview that would be running the Nexus phone did give us an impression of what to expect from Google’s kitty. The panel, however, did not mention any release of the new Nexus handsets or tablets. But the early build of the new Nexus 5 is available to developers now. The OS has some interesting features that include a brand new mobile pay app, which, the tech giant promises will be more efficient and is stated to be launched in autumn this year. Insider reports claim that the Nexus 5 would get the OS into the system right away! So, expect the newest Nexus phone release to have the Android M OS loaded in it.

With Android M, the Nexus 5 could also offer support for USB Type-C. This was a feature displayed at Google’s keynote, so could that be that the new Nexus is equipped with a reversible connector?

The release can be speculated to follow Google’s launch route of phones unveiled later in the year. This may fall with the launch of their new operating system as well. If Huawei is to build the new Nexus then we can expect a lower pricing.

Specifications and features expected

There might be a 5.2 inch full-HD screen, 13Mp rear camera, and an octa-core processor. A promo video for Project Fi also throws a little light on the new Nexus phone as clearly the Nexus 6 cannot work with Project Fi right now. Also, a 3GB RAM and a Kirin processor is expected to be in-built with the device.

It will be a dual-SIM 4G Chinese phone, fingers crossed. So, we can expect some really amazing updates with the new Nexus phone in terms of the OS, display and other features.

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