New Nexus Phones Aim at Adding Fingerprint Scanner and USB Type C Port

Google tried to introduce a new program named Android Silver and ditch Nexus altogether, but the brand has stuck on.

Rumors confirm two different Nexus phones, possibly a 5-inch phone and a 6-inch model will get launched before the end of 2016.

As with every other launch, the company brings the latest operating system on the greatest hardware. News confirms that the phones will be exceptionally powerful and will be made by two different manufacturers. One of the phones will be done by LG who already did two different Nexus phones, while the other is going to be taken care of by a brand new entrant, Huawei. They have been making some good smartphones in recent times, but this would be the first time they enter an agreement with Google to make one for them.

Android M

Obviously, the upcoming Nexus phones will run on the Android M operating system and will also get a guaranteed upgrade to the next OSs for two more years. That’s a good promise to make because when you invest in a flagship phone today, it will be good for another 24 months without looking outdated or running on the older versions of Android.

Fingerprint Scanner

Another rumored feature is the finger print scanner which might probably be included in one of the phones or both of them. The option will allow the users to have better control over their phones and make sure their private documents stay intact. It plays an integral role in accessing Google files and other docs without having to manually enter a password.

USB Type C

The advantages of USB Type C port are many and in their latest conference, the company confirmed that Android M will come with full support for this technology. While other phone manufacturers may take more time to implement it in their devices, Google will be the first to bring in the convenient add-on with their Nexus phones. Both of them are expected to come with Type C ports which makes it easier to charge the device and also transfer data when required, similar to the newly launched Macbook.

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