Nikon D3200 vs. Sony Alpha A5000 Camera Comparison – Beasts Lock Horns for Superiority

The compact SLR Nikon D3200 camera has gained immense popularity throughout the world since it first launched in July 2012.

The device had a huge buzz until the Sony A5000; a Rangefinder-style mirror-less camera came into the market in the first month of 2014. While the two cameras offer powerful configuration, let’s see which device wins the battle when horns are locked.


The Nikon D3200 features a CMOS, 24.1 MP camera with Expeed 3 processor. This sensor is capable of capturing high-quality images in different conditions. On the other hand, the Sony A5000 has CMOS sensor and Bionz X processor and enables users to capture images at a maximum of 19.8 MP. The Nikon D3200 has the light sensitivity of 12,800 ISO, in comparison to Alpha A5000’s 16,000 ISO. Apart from this, both the cameras offer minimum light sensitivity of 100 ISO and cover 357.28 mm2. Also to this, both the devices come loaded with RAW support. Overall, the Nikon D3200 offers more pixels whereas the Sony gadget provides higher exposure.

Winner: Tie


To begin with, both the cameras have interchangeable lens functionality. Hence, the availability of interchangeable lens plays a vital role in determining which device is better. That being said, the Nikon D3200 supports 236 lens of the Nikon F series, whereas the Sony device is compatible with only 45 lens of the Sony E lens mount. This means that the Nikon cameras provide an unparalleled advantage over its competitor in lens availability.

Apart from this, none of the cameras come loaded with the image stabilization feature. Hence, users need to buy such lenses that offer optical stabilization functionality. On that note, there are only 20 such lenses for Sony A5000, whereas 75 such lenses are available for the Nikon D3200.

Winner: Nikon D3200


The Nikon D3200 as well as the Sony A5000 feature LCD screens of 3 inches. While neither of the cameras has touchscreen functionality, both the devices provide a live view of the users while capturing images. Apart from this, the Nikon D3200 offers 921k dots resolution, in comparison to A5000’s 460k dots. However, the Sony device has flipped out screen option that provides better viewing angles while capturing images.

Winner: Tie

Intense competition exists between the Nikon and the Sony devices. While the two cameras score equal points in terms of sensor and screen, the Nikon D3200 beats the Sony A5000 in the availability of lenses.

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