Nile’s Sanders No Fan Of Cell Cameras

Egypt-obsessed leader equates his shows to making love to your girlfriend



Nile frontman Karl Sanders has gone on the offensive, taking to task fans who shoot photos and videos during his band’s sets.

He claims they are not “involved in the show” and are ruining the experience for true fans.

“When you are taking your phone, your cell phone, or your video camera, or whatever it is, and you’re busy filming the show, you are not in the show. You are no longer a part of the experience,” says Karl.

“When people are involved in the show, when you’re listening to the band, you’re watching the band, your fist is there, you’re headbanging, you’re moshing, you’re involved, then you are part of a singular community experience.”

He added: “All of us are focused on the same energy, and that’s an incredible experience. And you can feel that — it’s real — and the band and the fans, they unite, they’re together… So when I see people out there, you know, with their cellphones, texting or, you know, filming the show, or whatever, they’re missing out on an incredible, wonderful live experience that they could be part of. And that hurts me, that discourages me.

“What if you are in bed with your girlfriend, and you are making love with her, and she’s texting?”

Hey Karl…that’s a little bit different, dude.

“In fact, it bothers me so much that if people do it right in front of me, I will take their cell phones from them. If they’re going to, like, stick a camera, or a cell phone camera, or a video camera right in my face, I’d say, ‘Fuck you, Go away. Go twenty feet back.’ Because that place right in the front, that should be for someone who really wants to be at the show, who wants to get involved. And if you are texting or whatever, you’re cheating that fan out of a place where he could be enjoying music.”

I agree with him, but at the same time, he shouldn’t let the actions of fans get him so disturbed.

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