No More Noisecreep: AOL Shuts Down Music Sites


I can’t knock Noisecreep that much, as I worked for the site for a long while after being laid off from MTV in 2008, and because I know people who would still write for the site.

I will knock it, but just not that much.

Today, AOL apparently dissolved its music division, meaning a bunch of folks head into the weekend jobless, and an already glutted job market just got a little more crowded for New York writers.

This article claims a series of tweets suggests staffers were called in to meetings today, and told the company was getting rid of such their music portal, which means a bunch of music sites like Noisecreep and Spinner will go offline soon.

Look, people think metal, they don’t think AOL. They don’t think MTV either. This, I know.

I was part of Noisecreep’s growth soon after it launched, and let me be frank: The only time we did decent traffic was when someone died.

Why? Because AOL would place a link to our obituary on its main page (like, where people still go to sign in for their AOL mail), with a vague headline: “Musician, 26, Dies In Crash.”

People would click on the link by the thousands, only to find out it was some obscure Swedish black metal dude they’ve never fucking heard of.

The comments on the articles were always, “Who?”

Deaths did well. Otherwise, that site — which paid me handsomely; no lie — was a fucking wasteland for good talent, and was well-managed in its later years, getting exclusive content. That happens no more.

Which is great news for sites like InvisibleOranges and BrooklynVegan and Loudwire and MetalSucks, who’ll now be getting all the corporate metal scraps originally offered to Noisecreep.

This is why, at times, I think about throwing in the towel on this site.

When I tell you I make no money doing this site, I fucking mean it, folks.

That’s why your support, your liking us on Facebook and Twitter…it means everything.

Now if we could only stop these foreclosure notices.

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