Nokia 215 is better than Galaxy S6 – Here’s Why

Nokia 215 may be a low-budget phone that most smartphone buyers shopping for high-end phones might not give a second look. Still, this phone can stand up to premium phones such as the recently launched Samsung Galaxy S6 with regard to some basic features.

Samsung Galaxy S6 is a formidable addition to the growing high-end smartphone market, with each successor to this popular flagship line of Samsung smartphones bringing with it new features to keep its dedicated followers happy. However, as it turns out, Microsoft Nokia 215 is better than Samsung Galaxy S6, and here are reasons why.

Why Nokia 215 Is Better Than Samsung Galaxy S6

  1. At 78.4 grams, Nokia 215 is noticeably lighter than Samsung Galaxy S6, which weighs a heftier 138 grams. This means that the Nokia 215 weighs nearly 60 grams lighter than the S6. For people looking for a portable, yet capable smartphone, Nokia 216 is definitely a better choice.
  1. Samsung Galaxy S6 does not feature a microSD memory expansion slot, unlike Nokia 215. The memory slot means that the internal memory on the Nokia can be extended and also that it is much easier to retrieve data from memory cards than would be the case with the Galaxy S6. The memory on the Nokia can be extended by up to 32 GB.
  1. Nokia 215 is considerably slimmer than the S6. While S6 measures 70.5 mm, Nokia 215 measures 50 mm, which means that it is 20.50 mm narrower than Samsung S6.
  1. Nokia 215 has a radio, while Samsung S6 does not. This important feature is conspicuously absent in the S6, which is enough to ruin the experience some people would have with this high-end smartphone.
  1. Nokia 215 features a hardware keyboard, which should be a nice touch for lovers of traditional phones or modern QWERTY keyboard phones such as the BlackBerry line of smartphones. The keyboard also ensures a faster and more natural typing experience.
  1. Nokia 215 is so much cheaper than Samsung Galaxy S6. At less than $30, Nokia 215 is over 6 times cheaper than Samsung S6, which costs $199 and as much as $699.
  1. The Nokia 215 has a removable battery, while Samsung S6 does not. Therefore, it is easier to replace the battery on the Nokia phone than on the S6.
  1. The Nokia 215 features a much more compact size given its 116 x 50 x 12.9 mm dimensions. Samsung Galaxy S6 measures 143.4 x 70.5 x 6.8 mm. Clearly, Nokia 215 is generally much more portable than the S6 given its smaller size.


The comparison between a high-end phone such as Samsung Galaxy S6 and Microsoft Nokia 215 may seem unusual due to the mind-boggling price difference between the two phones. However, a closer look at what the two phones have to offer with regard to features and specifications actually indicates that the benefits of the Nokia 215 do not begin and end with its ultra-affordable price. Other reasons why Nokia 215 is better than Samsung Galaxy S6 include the fact that the 215 is considerably lighter, has a memory expansion slot, is noticeably slimmer, has a physical keyboard, and features an overall compact design that lends it to better portability. Of course, the greatest benefit of this phone is that it costs several times less than what Samsung Galaxy S6 costs.

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