Nokia 215 Specs and Price 2015

Since its announcement in January 2015, Nokia 215 GSM mobile phone has attracted a lot of interest worldwide, particularly from people with a low budget and those that are looking for simple high performance phones that they can use to collaborate on demand.

Although simple, Nokia 215 is durable, feature rich, and might out-compete several high performance phone brands and models in its category when it finally launches in April of 2015. If you are looking for a new phone, have a few dollars to spend, and want value for your money, this article highlights the process and major features of this one-of-a-kind mobile phone.


Nokia 215 retains the simple yet sleek design that is characteristic of many Nokia mobile phones. For instance, its 116-millimeter tall and 50-millimetre wide stature is portable. It is also eye catching, made using quality plastic, and has durable smooth beveled keys that ease setup, composition of short messages, and collaboration via its in-built messenger. Nokia 215 has four-way navigation keys. It also has a functional alphanumeric keypad, a power/end key, and a call key. Weighing only 78.4 grams, this phone is among the lightest in its class.


Even though light and portable, Nokia 215 has a large 2.4-inch (approximately 31.1% screen-to-body ratio) Thin Film Transistor (TFT) Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) screen with approximately 256 thousand colors. The screen is durable. It is also scratch proof and with a resolution of approximately 240 x 320 pixels (166-ppi pixel density) is clear and suitable for watching high-resolution videos. This well-designed display has a low power mode that lowers battery power consumption.


Battery power is essential when buying a mobile phone for regular usage. Nokia 215 does not disappoint in this regard. Its fitted 3.7-volt 1100mAh battery is powerful, offering around 29-days-worth of charge in standby mode. At full capacity, it offers 20-hours-worth of talk time and music playback time of 50 hours. This is impressive, particularly for outdoor explorers and individuals who travel for long distances often. Importantly, this fitted rechargeable lithium ion (Li-ion) battery is also replaceable.


For a GSM mobile phone, the 8MB Random Access Memory (RAM) offered is impressive. You can send and receive calls reliably. You can also send text messages and stream multimedia files such as music and videos without any problems. This phone has internal storage for user’s data and has a functional memory card slot that is expandable up to 32GB in size.


Apart from its stellar design, clear TFT-LCD display, and impressive battery capacity, Nokia 215 has an array of connectivity features that benefit its users in many ways. It, for instance, has a functional mini SIM system. It also has a 3.5mm AV audio connector for connecting headphones and earphones, a micro USB charging connector, a micro USB-B system connector, and a powerful Bluetooth 3.0 adapter.


Nokia 215 comes with a 0.3 megapixel 2x digital zoom lens with a powerful fixed focus lens. Whilst this camera is not as powerful or as flexible as those fitted in today’s contemporary smart phones are, it is not only durable, but also shoots high quality photographs indoors and outdoors. For those that maintain video diaries, this camera supports QVGA (320 x 240) video recording up to 15 fps. Other interesting attributes of this 35-dollar phone are its heightened security features, environmental features, and its array of functional accessibility features.

If you have 35 dollars to spend on a mobile phone and want value for your money, Nokia 215 is one of the best models in 2015. Since its announcement in January, it has attracted positive reviews in many forums because of its stellar design, cost, and array of interesting features.

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