Now, An Email From Richie Londres Of Sol Invicto

Richie Londres

So, we get emails all the time here at Gun Shy Assassin. Most of them go something like this: “The next time I see you, I’m gonna make you my bitch.” Tempting…but no thanks. Others are witty and downright hilarious, from band dudes who didn’t like our opinions of them or our take on a certain situation. Usually, they refuse me the right to print their letters on the site. But sometimes, they say yes. Here now is an email response to this article from Richie Londres of Sol Invicto.

Easy Chris.

Thanks for your honest and frank review; it’s taken me a few days to get over the pain, wipe away the tears and put away the chocolate, but, I think, I think, I’m ready to speak to you now.

I’m not defending my work, neither am I opposing your views; I stand by my music as I’m sure you stand by your work, however after reading the piece I thought you would be interested to hear the plans we have for Sol Invicto.

Obviously, the metal press are going to pick the EP up as you did, but Sol Invicto is, an electronic project. It just so happens to feature Stephen Carpenter, so, I can understand why people would imagine it to sound a certain way. The truth is we are not aiming for any kind of genre or sound. It has its roots in drum & bass/dub and metal but there is no fixed agenda as to where the project will end up. Provided it’s dark and grimy, we will let it evolve in its own way.

Initium EP follows on from a few early tracks we did with Stephen back in 2008 called Carrion & Unidose, which are out and out drum & bass tracks with guitars. To our fans, Initium is a natural progression of that sound. Its basically one 20-minute track we divided up into sections.

All the sounds you hear on there are made from either Zach’s drums or Stephen’s guitars; we kept it lo-fi and dirty. Its more of a mix tape to be honest with you. If people are into it, thats cool; if they don’t like it, that’s cool too. We make what we like to hear. The next two EPs will give you a good idea of the direction it’s taking.

Once those are out, we will focus on the debut album. If you’re a fan of Aphex Twin, Meshuggah, Squarepusher and Scorn, it will be right up your street!

Richie Londres

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