Obscura Post Two Unreleased Tracks Online

She will be mine

Yes, folks — it’s time for awesome.

Obscura have made two previously unreleased tracks (“…And All Will Come To An End” and “Crucified“) online.

The tracks are from Obscura’s upcoming collection of demos and rarities, called Illegimitation, and can be heard online through their Facebook page.

Obscura are planning to self-release the compilation in March and are seeking funding through Kickstarter.

Now, onto why I think Facebook is evil, which is a thought I started in the previous God Forbid post and will continue here.

I know it has been said a thousand times before that Facebook is evil, but perhaps not my reasons for thinking it’s evil.

Facebook is evil because it connects you to people you otherwise shouldn’t be connected to. Mostly, people you’ve fucked and it didn’t work out.

These days, I see updates from women I have known over the course of my life. Amazing women I had a chance to spend time with, but for some reason, it never worked out.

Here I am, all these years later in my life, and — as I’ve said before — I am always trying to look forward, but its hard when all around me, I see opportunities missed, only to be realized with others.

Let me explain: Some of these Facebook friends could have changed my future. These amazing people I met while at MTV, or in college, or in high school…and, for some reason, I didn’t commit or they wouldn’t. Most of them have husbands now, and kids. It’s so weird, and in part of me feels a small pang of regret that it wasn’t me.

But at the same time, if it didn’t work out, it shouldn’t have worked out. Ultimately, I know in time the right one will come along, and her name will be Kate Upton. Until then, I look at some of these husbands and laugh as I think, “Yeah — I had her first.”

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