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Because right now, you are missing the Infernaeon drama unfold right in the comments section of one of our Facebook posts. There’s a little screen grab of it right there, but it just keep going and going. I can’t promise that shit like this happens all the time on the Gun Shy Assassin Facebook page, but why would you resist after reading Brian Werner unleash on his foes.

Keyboardist Dave Stein chimed in, saying, “To all my friends who are wondering what’s going on with my band…and who may be giving an ear to the rantings of the idiot fool posting them…Please do a whois on the name and you will see that my company has owned and used the name Infernaeon in commerce since 2004 which was when my brother Kevin formed the band and put out a demo and asked me to acquire the domain for him and set up a Web site.”

He says he will seek legal action and tells Werner “So run your mouth little man and see where it gets you. Without your chief financiers (namely me, Kevin and Steven) you’re going to have to go find someone else to dupe into forming a band with you — and I guarantee they won’t put up with as much B.S. as we put up with you.”

Werner fires back: “Actually your brother quite the band and wasn’t on the last album giving up any and all right he had. And your fucking retarded i paid $,1000 to the studio $1200 for the album layout, $1,700 for the video $500 for shirt art and that’s just the top of my head — your (sic) a fucking idiot and I’ll prove it in court.”

And it just gets uglier from there. I tend to agree with loyal Facebook commenter Dave Gibson: “You guys look like total turds right now.”

Come join us and watch these dudes do what a phone conversation could settle.

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