OnePlus Two Release Date – Top Specs and Features

The long awaited moment in which OnePlus will reveal its next generation of smartphones seem to be very close. After months of speculation and rumors, the next “flagship killer” could be presented on June 1, the day before the start of the Computex event in Taipei. OnePlus published on Google+ a teaser suggesting an important announcement, but without a specific time or a place where specialized media could be invited. We can assume that this is an announcement which will be made on the internet.

OnePlus One was released after more than a year, and the users response was largely positive. OnePlus Two promises to offer a cheaper alternative for today’s top smartphones, but like its predecessor, will try to keep an attractive price. The picture published by the company on social network unveils the first model half erased and the message “Time to Change“, which may suggest replacing both its offer and a new design approach.

We can already guess what there is inside the new skeleton, whereas the technical specifications of the phone have already appeared in various corners of the internet. It will integrate an octa-core Snapdragon processor, 3 GB RAM and a screen with QHD resolution, equaling and even surpassing in some cases top models from LG, Samsung and HTC.

However, we should not get too excited. OnePlus has a habit of making all kinds of PR stunts, and this can lead to a teaser ad less important than it seems at first glance. In the past, the company has proceeded similarly to the announcement of new official accessories for OnePlus One and DR-1 mini drone.

In addition to OnePlus, there are several other companies in China that sell great products and their price is not too high. Xiaomi is one of them, then Huawei with the Honor series, and Oppo is not far from all of them.

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