Opeth Fans, Get Ready To Get Pissed: Rapper Samples “Credence”

This aggression will not stand

OK, if Opeth doesn’t sue this sleazy rapper for fucking RUINING one of the prettiest riffs from My Arms, Your Hearse, I may have to take the Opeth wallpaper down in my bathroom, and replace it with Devin Townsend wallpaper. At the very least, Opeth need to send a fucking cease, desist and destroy letter right now.

At first, I thought maybe they had no legal recourse; for a while they were on Koch, which was affiliated with a lot of hip-hop acts. Maybe because Roadrunner is mostly-owned by Warner now…maybe this dude was a promising upstart for that label? NOPE. As far as I can tell, this seemingly benign TKO Capone has no label home to speak of. SURELY, Opeth would never allow that magnificent closing riff from “Credence” to be used as the melody of a song about hoes and guns — the song is called “Don’t Love These Hoes,” and quite literally ends with the sounds of gunfire.

BLASPHEMERS! What a gross injustice! That song is dead to me now. Opeth needs to do something here, to prevent it from happening to others. They need to sweep in like super heros and make this stop somehow. This is a blatant and scurrilous attack on a beautiful song — an unlicensed and therefore stolen sample for a song about nailing hoes.

Couldn’t this TKO Capone have sampled something off of Ghost Reveries … like “Atonement?” This is fucking whack-ass bullshit. OPETH, you need to do something. Just like we needed to do something after 9/11. But don’t go to Iraq, if you know what I’m saying — get the real bad guy…the one who ruined this song for a lot of us. Make Capone take this song down. How’d he even find this song to sample it???

Disclaimer: I’m serious…if you LOVE “Credence” like I did, do yourself a favor — take my word for it and don’t press that play button, because this will ruin that song for you. If you must, well then — by all means…but know you’ve been warned.

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