Opeth’s Mikael Åkerfeldt Talks Next Record, Metallica

Mikael Åkerfeldt

Andrew Haug’s full interview with Mikael Åkerfeldt of Opeth has made its way online and Mike had some interesting things to say about the next Opeth LP and Metallica.

“I was working today, actually,” on the new album “and I have three ideas I am working on now,” says Åkerfeldt. “One is pretty much done. And the other idea is something that we kind of jammed, actually, on the last tour, on the soundchecks, which is a tribute to the band Goblin from Italy, which I’ve loved for a long time.”

No shit. I need to check out Goblin now.

“It sounds like Goblin and the song is called ‘Goblin.’ And the last one is all over the place, pretty much — like an evil metal song, kind of. It’s a bit overblown and a bit… I wouldn’t say pretentious, but it’s… It’s not ‘less is more,’ it’s ‘more is more.’”

He also discussed Metallica, and wonders why the band doesn’t play its newer stuff live.

“It would be impossible for Metallica to write another Master Of Puppets; I don’t think they want to, either. Metallica is very interesting to me, because they shaped a whole new form of metal music with at least the first five records. They keep doing records… I mean, they did Load, they did Reload, and those records were fucking hated. I’m not sure if they were hated because of the actual music or if it was hated because of their image, or whatever it was. And then they tried to kind of get back into playing faster with St. Anger and Death Magnetic, but I guess that didn’t really do it for their fans either; it didn’t really do it for me, to be honest.

“But they’re really interesting. I mean, they’re bigger than ever; they’re fucking massive. If there’s a festival and Metallica is on the bill, you basically wouldn’t need any other bands on the bill; they could just take all the other bands off the bill and it would still sell out, they’re that fucking massive. And if you would interview all of their fans, I’m pretty sure that 90-95%, or maybe even 100%, of their fans would state that some ’80s record that they did, maybe the ‘black’ album, is their favorite record and they don’t really like the stuff that they have done since.

“And that’s fucking ages ago. And even Metallica themselves. I think that’s quite interesting, and I’ve been wondering about this for quite some time: Why don’t they play more new stuff live? Why do they go out and do the Master Of Puppets or whatever other records that they are doing? Why don’t they focus on new material? Aren’t they proud of the new stuff that they do or do they just wanna please the fans? Either way, I think it’s fine and it’s none of my business, whatever choices they [make], but I just find it interesting. Because the way we see it, obviously, we’re just a fart in the wind compared to Metallica, but when we put out a new record, that’s what we love the most and that’s what we wanna promote and that’s what we wanna play.

“But I remember seeing them just after St. Anger came out and they had, like, a two-and-a-half-hour show, or whatever it was, and they played only one new song. And I didn’t understand it. I didn’t really like St. Anger, and I personally didn’t wanna hear more songs than just a song or two from the new album, but I just found it interesting that they don’t seem to stand behind their own material when they are actually on stage touring for this new album. They’re playing Master Of Puppets [instead] … It’s just interesting that they have such a fucking following and they are so massive, but they haven’t put — and maybe I’m talking out of my own ass here — it seems like that’s the view of their fans, that they haven’t really put any new music out in a long time that’s had that kind of appeal, like that of the five first records. And still, they’re bigger than ever.”

And now, this is what Goblin sounds like.

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