Overkill’s Bobby Blitz Blasts Obamacare



Apparently, there is a haven of hard rock, and Overkill vocalist Bobby “Blitz” Ellsworth recently went there ahead of the band’s set at Alrosa Villa in Columbus, Ohio, earlier this month.

I get to see Overkill next weekend. Should be a fucking blast, yo.

Anyways, Blitz told HardRockHaven that he thinks Obamacare’s a bunch of fucking bullshit. Not a direct quote. Just summarizing for you, folks.

This is what Bobby had to say:

“This whole thing affects me a little differently, because my wife is, she’s a Dutch citizen. So I can get insurance through The Netherlands, and have been. I mean, it covers me here. Because of the way I travel, the policy that I would have to have, even from ‘Mr. Everybody Can Afford It Now,’ would be tens of thousands of dollars, because you’re going to places that, in some cases, are Third-World countries, and [they would say to me], ‘We’re not covering this, we’re not covering that.’ But we have this policy that was… It’s not cheap, but it covers everything. If I get sick in Russia, they’ll fly me to Germany because the hospital is better, and then fly my wife from the U.S. to be with me in Germany, and pay for the flights. And it’s also a travel-slash-health insurance, so if we lose all our guitars and I have this insurance, we’re covered. So it’s pretty good. It’s health insurance, but it insures the way I live.”

Bobby should do commercials for health insurance in the Netherlands. I mean, if the end of that quote didn’t read like a commercial voiceover to you, we have less in common than I had originally thought.

He added:

“The whole Obamacare thing wouldn’t have worked for me; it was out of control. And it won’t cover me in other places, that’s the thing. You go to a Third World country and ‘you don’t have your shot for this, you’re gonna get dysentery and we’re not covering it.’ So… It’s really a joke, actually.”

Looks like I need to find me a wife from the Netherlands.

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