Ozzy Osbourne Is Getting Old

Father Ozzy Osbourne

For years now, Sharon Osbourne’s been pushing Ozzy Osbourne to keep the money train rolling down the tracks. Even after the dude was involved in an ATV crash, he was out there the next summer on Ozzfest…I think. I’m a longtime Howard Stern listener and he’s long give Sharon shit for keeping Ozzy working when clearly, all dude wants to do is take a nap.

Now, Ozzy Osbourne’s drummer Tommy Clufetos is saying Ozzy’s a little worse for wear. He also spoke to someone about Ozzy. You talk about Ozzy, dude. Now that Faith No More’s back on hiatus, I think Mike Bordin might be getting his old job back.

In a post on Blabbermouth, I read that Tommy said the cancelation of Ozzy’s concert in Germany tonight because Ozzy has been diagnosed with a pulled muscle in the back. As previously reported, Ozzy’s doctors have reportedly prescribed a 3- to 4-day period of rest, in order for the singer to undergo ultrasound treatment.

“I haven’t spoken to him [Ozzy] yet, but I know he’s had some back trouble and I think the doctors have advised him to take a break,” Tommy says. “He’s had back trouble for the last two or three weeks where he’s in agonizing pain. I see it because when he turns around to me I see he’s in pain but the second he turns back out to the audience he’s Mr. Showman. He really cares about the audience. The only reason the show would be canceled is that he can physically not make it. He’s a trooper.”

This makes me sad. Ozzy is looking back at Tommy in agony, and then putting on his happy clown face when he turns back to the crowd. That’s fucking sad, considering Ozzy has a North American tour coming up. Just let the guy take a rest, Sharon.

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