Pearl Jam’s Eddie Vedder Drinks Wine From Fan’s Shoe

Because, that’s what you do

The dude abidesThe dude abides

The dude abides

You know, when I was a youngster, I thought Pearl Jam were basically going to be my favorite band forever. Alas, it was not meant to be. Heavier shit made its way into my life, and I have never really looked back.

If I hear a song off Ten every now and again listening to the radio, I’ll reminisce for a minute about simpler times. When I was a kid, and had no mortgage and no bills.

All I had was a love of music, a stereo, and my records. Or CDS and cassettes. Do I respect Pearl Jam? Sure. Are they good musicians? Yeah. Do they do anything for me anymore? Nope.

I did bang a chick in college while Yield played in the background; she was a Pearl Jam fan and had just gotten the record, so she played it while I went all James Deen on her ass.

I don’t often write about Pearl Jam, because they’re not metal. But this video was too good to pass up.

It shows frontman Eddie Vedder, drinking wine out of a fan’s shoe before 24,000 fans in Stockholm.

It’s not all that gross; the shoe belonged to a lady, so…it’s not as though Eddie was sopping up wine out of some dude’s stinky ass old sweaty gym shoe. It was a dainty woman’s shoe, so it’s not that disgusting or shocking.

The female fan was holding up a sign, asking that Eddie sign her shoes.

He did sign one of them, after toying with the girl for a moment. But then, saying “I’m gonna do you one better,” he poured some wine into the other sneaker, and drank.

Watch that footage below.

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