Pig Destroyer’s Blake Harrison: The Gun Shy Email Interview

Pig Destroyer

About a month or so ago, out of sheer desperation to know what the fuck was going on with their long-awaited new record, I contacted someone at Relapse seeking an interview with one of the Pig Destroyer dudes.

I was hoping for a phone conversation, but was told work in the studio was happening at a frenzied pace, and that the dudes couldn’t be interrupted. So I fired off a quick batch of email questions, solely about the new album.

After all, it has been five years since Pig Destroyer issued Phantom Limb, and before that, it was a mere three years between Terrifyer. For it to take more than three years was unusual, and fans — myself included — were getting impatient.

I remember sending in more questions, but probably didn’t. I just wanted to know what was up with the new disc, and when the hell we could expect it.

Now, we have answers, and today, I was sent some responses to my four questions. I am telling you I put in more questions…or at least think I did. But maybe Pig Destroyer’s Blake Harrison (also of Hatebeak, who I profiled for MTV News) just didn’t want to address issues like period blood and glory holes. Don’t blame him.

Either way, here are my questions, and Blake’s responses, which are pithy, to be sure; such is the risk you take with email interviews. You can’t press them for more.

Is there pressure on you guys heading into these sessions, knowing that basically every true metal head is waiting in anxious anticipation for whatever it is you guys churn out this time around?

“No, not really pressure. Pig Destroyer has never really worked that way. We’re going in to make the best record we can.”

It’s been a while since 2007. What’s been going on between then and now, and what’s caused the delay, as it were?

“Well, we built a studio and we stopped working with our previous drummer [Brian Harvey], had a false start here and there and got Adam Jarvis and the rest is history.”

What’s the new stuff sounding like?

“It’s fierce, short fast, loud, and brash. I’m really proud of the material that Scott [Hull] has written.”

Do we have a producer and timeline for the release?

“Scott Hull and Pig Destroyer produced and recorded the record, and it should be out in the fall of 2012.”

Any touring plans at all? 

“Absolutely. We’re doing some fests in the Czech and Brussels, Japan, Canada, and the U.K. We’re planning on going to some places we’ve never been after the record is released and we’re looking forward to it.”

And that’s that. Riveting questions, right?

Man, I feel like I sort of dropped the ball. But in any event, it’s insightful.

On a side note, I am fucking pumped for the new Pig Destroyer, and you should be too.

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