Play Store APK Latest Update 5.4.11 Download Information

The Play Store APK version 5.4.11 has been launched, but what can you expect with this version? As is the norm with app updates, there are a number of changes with the majority of them hidden away in the coding, but even though you cannot see them there is no doubt that it will improve your Play Store experience. So, what has happened this time?

The Latest Update.

Google have worked hard to iron out various bugs and issues that have plagued previous versions and the overall aim has been to produce something that works more smoothly and without as many hitches.

The list of things that have been repaired in this sense are too numerous to list here, but you need to remember that Google are constantly looking at what people are saying is wrong wit the store and taking action to rectify it. However, first of all, you will notice that the logo has changed slightly and that is just part of the way in which Google are gradually altering their graphics to fit in with the latest design trends.

You are also going to notice that the app is a lot smoother than before and a few things have been moved around. Take the What’s New section for example. It is now highlighted in green to help it stand out and it has been moved to a new more prominent position and it just makes life so much easier for you to find the latest additions to the store.

They have also worked at changing the layout of the icons and it has to be said that the overall design has been vastly improved and the app is more of a joy to use than ever before. They have also looked at improving the types of apps and ability to find them, although this was not exactly a problem in previous versions, but it is clear that this update has been more about the aesthetics rather than anything else.

So, with this update:

  • There is a real emphasis on changing the aesthetics.
  • They have ironed out a number of bugs and issues that have been troubling people for some time.
  • They have moved some icons around to make it easier to find them.
  • It is part of their movement to change their icons and graphics across the entire Google empire.
  • You are advised to update as soon as possible.

The Google Play Store is the one app that you need to install simply because of the sheer number of apps that you will then have access to. This latest version offers only slight improvements on what has gone on before, but it does pave the way for better updates in the future.

Any Android user needs this app and it makes sense in a number of ways to have the latest version to make it less likely that you will run into problems. Download it now as it is absolutely free and spend time exploring what they have to offer, but remember that you will lose track of time as this store really is vast.

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