Portnoy Says Dream Theater’s Grammy Nod Was Tough For Him

Mike Portnoy

We’ve gotta lay down a new rule here, people. Let’s stop asking Mike Portnoy questions about Dream Theater.

The dude’s obviously broken up about the decision he made to jump ship, and clearly can’t not answer questions about his former band when asked. So for the sake of everyone who ever cared, let’s move on.

Because I truly can’t read about Mike Portnoy’s post-Dream Theater depression anymore. We need to help him move on.

Blabbermouth got a hold of an interview done by some dude whose parents named him Fingers; he works at WBAB on Long Island, a radio station kept alive simply for the fact that it’s always playing in nail salons and auto body shops.

“It was a tough thing for me to see because I worked so hard for all those years to always fight to get the band mainstream acceptance and acknowledgement,” said Portnoy, when asked about the Grammy nomination; Dream Theater did not win.

“We always did so well on our own for all those years — we kind of climbed the ladder on our own terms. We’d sell out Radio City Music Hall on our own terms. So we were doing things on our own terms and always hoping for, kind of, mainstream, commercial acceptance or acknowledgement.

“So to see it finally come a year after I left, it was heartbreaking for me on a personal level,” Mike continued. “On a professional level, I’m happy that it finally happened for the band. It was a long time coming; it should have happened many, many years ago. So, on one hand, it was, like, exciting that the band finally got recognized, but it was just kind of strange that it finally happened… the timing of it all — after all the hard work and blood, sweat and tears that I put in.

“But you know what?! Better late than never. But the other reality of it… I don’t wanna sound bitter, but the reality of it is even all the years when I was in the band, I never really cared about the Grammys anyway; it was always like, ‘F the Grammys.’ To me, it was always a bit of a joke, and I never put that much weight or value in it to begin with.”

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