Prepare To Grind With Inside The Beehive

Inside the Beehive

For the last couple of years, nothing has made me more excited than finding a new grindcore band that really gets the genre. It’s one thing to convey a sense of grimy, overdue, tooth-gnashing angst in an aural format-it’s another thing to do it so that it doesn’t sound like you recorded it on your grandfather’s answering machine. You know, the ones with the actual tapes and the big black, rectangular buttons that are greasy from being pushed so much? I mean, this is grindcore, not black metal, am I right?

Another thing that I look for when hunting for new grind is distinguishable riffs. A lot of times speed is the number one objective for the band, which is fine, but how do you tell what they’re playing if everything sounds like CRSH CRSHSHSHSHS CRSH CHRSH CHRSH CRSHSHSHSHSH?

The band that has satisfied both of these prerequisites for me lately is Inside the Beehive. They are probably the most chaotic group I’ve encountered that maintains extreme levels of intensity and catchiness. Every member of the four dude band from Rutherford, New Jersey, performs the hell out of their instrument on their only album Drink Bleach; Live Forever.

The drummer is tight, right on target with the time changes. The bassist keeps up with the high speeds and you can hear some serious grooves seeping through the mix, which is grimy, but the good kind of grimy.

The guitarist does some crazy, experimental stuff: strange tapping riffs, dissonant sounds that aren’t really chords, off-putting natural harmonics, and some good ole chugga-chugga. The vocalist is exactly what you need in this type of grind project, where it’s more about the conveyance of a destructive emotion rather than speeding up thrash riffs (which is also very awesome, just a different type of awesome).

So download their album for free. Your neck is looking mighty atrophied and needs something to wiggle your noggin to.

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