Protest The Hero Debut New Tune


Protest the Hero have a new album coming out.

You should know this already, as we’ve covered it like mad.

Basically, because Lamb of God’s Chris Adler plays drums on the fucker.

Head to the end of this post to listen to a new song from the band’s forthcoming album, called “Clarity.”

The song comes from the band’s new album Volition, which drops on October 29.

Here’s the album’s track listing:

1. “Clarity“”
2. “Drumhead Trial”
3. “Tilting Against Windmills”
4. “Without Prejudice”

5. “Yellow Teeth”

6. “Plato’s Tripartite”

7. “A Life Embossed”

8. “Mist“”
9. “Underbite“”
10. “Animal Bones”

11. “Skies”

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