Queensrÿche’s Former Frontman Gives Writer Hard Time

Geoff Taint

You wanna know how I know Geoff Tate’s sick and fucking tired of talking about Queensrÿche dumping his ass?

I read this Q&A he did with Examiner.com, which I hear pays like piss.

After kicking things off with a recap of his telling the Rocklahoma crowd they sucked, Examiner asks, “Six months later, how do you look back on everything that transpired?”

Tate’s response was, “Everything that transpired?”

“Yeah, between then and now,” the Examiner writer says.

“Well, honestly, I prefer not to think about it,” says Tate. “You know, it’s too bad that it all ended up the way it did. It’s really too bad that the other guys were unable to sit in a room and actually have a civil conversation, and come up with some conclusions on how we could either continue on or break this whole thing apart in an elegant way. I regret that that couldn’t happen, and I regret that we couldn’t have ended on a more elegant note, I suppose I should say, rather than the way it did.”

Tate was then asked again about regrets?

“In my reaction to their firing me and my family and our whole organization?,” Geoff asks.

Damn. He’s done talking to people about this Queensrÿche shit, am I right?

“Just anything that transpired that we may not know about,” Examiner’s writer followed up. What a response!

“No, I don’t have any regrets. I handled myself in the way that I always handle myself. They chose to go a different route and go about it in a real ugly way. I don’t have any regrets. I can definitely sleep at night.

Tate later said he wants nothing to do with Queensrÿche anymore. That’s good, seeing as they fucking fired your ass.

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