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Drum tech shot footage during band’s trek with Rage Against the Machine



Man, do I miss the 1990s.

It was a great decade for me. I went to high school and college during the ‘90s, so not only was I in tip top shape, I was nailing top notch fotch like there was no tomorrow. For me, it was a decade of amazing firsts, with experiences I will not soon forget.

It was also an incredible time for music. Hair metal was killed off early on, giving rise to grunge. The hardcore scene was at its strongest during the ‘90s, a decade that saw several new forms of metal start to take shape. Bands could push the envelope, and often did with stunning results.

If forced to choose my favorite band from the 1990s, I’d probably go with the Deftones, because those first two albums were flawless, and gave rise to the eventual beauty of White Pony.

But coming in an extremely-close second would be Quicksand.

If you’re young and never heard Quicksand before, guess what? You still have time to rectify this colossal mistake.

If you’re young and have avoided them, thinking they’re for “old guys like that douche who runs GSA,” you couldn’t be more wrong. The band’s music is timeless, and still annihilates half the shit that’s slapped with the “heavy” label these days.

ThePRP alerted me to the existence of a Quicksand tour documentary today, which was shot during the cycle for 1993’s Slip, one of my all-time favorite records.

The group’s drum tech at the time, Joe Nelson, shot the footage during the band’s tour opening for Rage Against The Machine.

He writes online:

“On my second Quicksand tour I brought out my video camera, and put together a home made 90-minute tour documentary, called ‘Quicksand The Movie.’ Quicksand was touring on ‘Slip,’ and we had just come off the Anthrax/White Zombie tour. I was the ‘drum tech,’ but was only really part of the Quicksand crew because they wanted their bros to share in the fun.

“The tour was with our friends Rage Against The Machine, who had just released their first CD, and for a month in the fall of 1993 we toured the U.S. together in the 1500 – 3500 capacity club circuit. It was a wild, exciting time for all of us. We all felt like the kids who got handed the keys to the candy store. All of us, Zack De La Rocha from Rage included, still felt totally out of place, and way more aligned to our hardcore roots then the rock circuit world we were now in.

“Keep in mind we were a bunch of kids in their early twenties, who for the past 5 years had toured only in vans, slept in squats or some kid’s house. We were dudes who more or less had been blowing around the country and Europe much like a tumbleweed, no real direction, nor purpose, but just a belief that as long as you kept on perpetually moving you would one day get some place, eventually…well, MAYBE.

“Looking back at this video for the first time in at least 10 years, I was in awe of how innocent we all truly were, and how special that moment in time was to be part of. It was like watching a coming of age story in some ways. I went on tour with other bands, but it was never quite the same as those early Quicksand tours. To steal from Gordie Lachance of Stand By Me, ‘I never had any friends later on like the ones I had when I was twelve, (or in my case 23)…Jesus, does anyone?’”

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