Under The Radar: Éohum

Blackened doom metal? Don’t mind if I do

The band's logoThe band's logo

The band’s logo

I have a documented love/hate relationship with progressive metal. It seems like you have to wade through a lot of bad or poorly-arranged ideas by overly sedated bands to get to the blow-your-pants-off well-developed bands. But that’s just me.

The French, however, really freaking dig experimental stuff. Gojira, Gorod, Year of No Light, Old Dead Tree, Monarch!, Witchthroat Serpent, and 14:13 are among the ranks of French bands that push the envelope of heavy music. Canadians also have a superb crop of prog bands, what with their Rush, Devin Townsend, Mandroid Echostar, and Protest the Hero.

What would happen if these two forces of nature were combined? Would a French Canadian prog metal band be a Weapon X level mutant of immeasurable experimentation and grooviness?

Maybe. I can’t decide if Éohum fits that bill or is just noise arranged by some obviously talented musicians. Sheer talent is evident in this progressive blackened doom band. When they start playing a riff where they just click, it’s impressive, even uplifting. It’s no easy task to do that with the components of the bands: a blast beating drummer, tons of speedy, grim guitars, a thunderous vocalist who both screams and sings, samples, and…a fucking horn section? The…fuck…?

Like I said, prog stuff normally isn’t my jug of wine (screw tea). I have a feeling, though, that Éohum are onto something. Especially with their album art, which is the coolest I’ve seen in a long time.

Give ‘em a shot and let us know in the comments or on Facebook if you think Éohum are the coolest thing since Germ-X or if you think they’ve licked too many frogs.

Revelations, Aurora Of An Epoch by Éohum

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