Ray’s Rant: If It Wasn’t For Bad Luck…

Ray’s Rant

Ray Mazzola of Full Blown Chaos has checked in from the road with his latest column for Gun Shy Assassin. This installment of Ray’s Rant revolves around luck…or the lack thereof.

Today is a new day. Monday afternoon, and we are en route to Buddha’s Place in Newport News, Virginia, to meet up with the gang on the “United Hate Across America Tour.”

The tour has had kind of a false start for us. Our first show date was mucked up and we endured a 13-hour haul for nothing, just to end up having to replace both rear tires on our van the very next morning. Blow outs and dry rot fuck fest. Full Blown Curse or what???

Malevolent Creation had some misfortune as well with their bus breaking down, getting stuck in snow, losing an axle on a trailer and who knows what else. The show yesterday in Baltimore was cancelled due to Malevolent Creation not being able to make it. So we had a day to just relax and regroup at a buddy’s place in Maryland. Try to take a different approach to this black cloud that follows us on the reg.

We had a lot of time to pound pots of coffee, watch movies, talk as much shit to each other as possible, and catch up on neglected laundry. If you haven’t seen the new version of “The Wolfman,” I suggest you do. It fucking ruled, in my opinion. It kept the old school vibe and approach with up-to-date cinematic skills. Overall, a really good flick.

We also decided our guitarist Mark Gumbrecht needed a mohawk. That was an interesting journey into the solid thicket which is his hairline. Clippers were seizing with every pass, making it a difficult yet hilarious endeavor for everyone. Video to come…

Today will be the first day the whole tour package will be together and I’m stoked to see what metal adventures will present themselves. We had the pleasure of rocking out with Havok and The Absence Saturday in Raleigh, North Carolina, and they were amazing! I’m glad I get to watch these dudes shred every night. The beers and Jager will be flowing like wine every damn night of this tour, so get involved and let’s tie one on America!

Come out and party with Full Blown Chaos and everyone on the United Hate Across America Tour! Bring us lots of booze to pre-game and tailgate with. You need to set the proper tone for the night and loosen those joints for full-on head banging! Jager Ragers are a must!

We will also be offering botched haircuts, uneven fades and greasy mohawks upon request to those brave enough to get down.
If you haven’t picked up our new album yet, do yourself a favor and get it ASAP. We need everyone’s support. You will not be disappointed! Find it at your local music store, order it online or download it from selected retailers. Soak up the heavy.

See you all in the pit! More to come…

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