Razormaze Exclusive Tour Diary, Chapter 3: Over The Hills To Phil Anselmo’s House

With Athon from Black Tusk

Razormaze have been on the road in recent weeks, and lucky for us, the band’s been kind enough to extend an offer to the site. That offer? They asked that we run their tour blog — an opportunity we jumped at. Today, we bring you the third installment, written by the band’s Alex Citrone.

Day 9: New Orleans, Louisiana — I really hoped we’d actually get to hang out with Phil Anselmo but he’s on tour right now himself (its also an issue that he probably has no idea who the fuck I am).

Instead, we headed straight for the venue, which was in fact a record shop called The Mushroom. It was PACKED and I’m pretty sure nearly all of their merchandise was destroyed by the ensuing mosh pit. (THAT’S JUST HOW RAZORMAZE ROLLS. FUCK SHIT UP, LEAVE TOWN!)

At The Mushroom

It ruled; The Mushroom ruled, too. After the show we hit Bourbon Street and soaked our brains in the “delicious” concoction known as a hand grenade. If you’ve been to NOLA, you know what this is; a snot green, deceptively alcoholic, tongue-numbing mystery substance served at sub-zero temperatures in a fittingly gaudy plastic tube that screams “I’M A FUCKING TOURIST.”

We did that a bunch of times and then retreated back to our hotel where we slipped into a deep, dreamless, dark, alcohol induced coma. WORTH IT.

Day 10: DAY OFF MOTHERFUCKER — Oh boy, a whole day off, what are you gonna do with it, Razormaze? Oh, you’re going to nurse your NOLA hangover in the van with little to no A/C for 12 hours to Jacksonville? SOUNDS LIKE A FUCKING PLAN, DUDE. Did I not mention our van’s A/C? 


Day 11: Limp Bizkit, FL (a.k.a. Jacksonville) — Little does Sam know, but The Mushroom was nice enough to donate one of their ancient and equally awful Limp Bizkit patches to the band so we could sew it to his vest while he’s not around.

Why is this so amazing? Because Razormaze has a painfully morbid obsession with Limp Bizkit and more specifically, Fred Durst.

We’re a bunch of weird assholes.

The patch

What better place to unveil such a magnificent achievement than in the hometown of the band? Nearly everyone at the show except for Sam was made aware of the patch. It was a rousing success.

The show was great, but this was just better. Orbweaver was the band that stole the show — insane doom from Miami featuring members of Gigan and Hate Eternal. Check it the fuck out.

Day 12: Orlando, Florida — Sam found the patch. He was excited and left it on his vest. He is a stupid person. Show was neat.

Day 13: Savannah, Georgia — Savannah is a must stop for us whenever we get on the road.

In Savannah

The novelty of drinking in public never seems to fade for me. I am also a stupid person.

We played The Jinx to an amazing crowd with our newfound brothers in Dead Yet? an incredible punk band. Black Tusk was there. FUCK those guys.

We played bingo; I won. I then proceeded to get really drunk and confront a bike thief. He sucked. I recovered the bike he stole. I am a true American hero.

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