Readers’ Bands: Across The Swarm Are Persistent

Italian band uses samples in their “brutal” death metal

Across The SwarmAcross The Swarm

Across The Swarm

We get emails all the time from bands plugging their shit. But it isn’t often we get four fucking emails from a band — especially never in two fucking days.

So I’ll admit it; part of me is writing this Readers’ Bands column to get them off my back, but what comes with that is a bent.

Yes, approaching their music, I was more miffed and put-off than usual, because it’s annoying to receive that many emails from anyone you’re not fucking.

Formerly Lacerater, Across The Swarm is a self-proclaimed “brutal death metal act from Bologna, Italy.”

They claim in their emails that they “would be proud to have our first self-titled album reviewed by your webzine.”

Well, I listened to their EP, and you can too, here.

A song from it follows at the end of this post.

Across The Swarm are not bad, for a bunch of persistent fucking gnats.

I’m not really digging on the album art they chose, since that shit’s kind of repugnant to me (I like cats), and plus, the samples and electronica elements I was detecting in some of your songs made me wanna wretch.

But otherwise, you guys are fairly talented. Just overzealous (read: annoying) as fuck.

This debut offering isn’t bad. I bet some of you knobs who’re regular readers of this column actually end up digging it, too.

But look, Across the Swarm…you can stop emailing me now, OK?

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