Readers’ Bands: All The Way From India, It’s Alien Sky Cult

If you dig metal core, then you will certainly appreciate what these dudes are up to

Alien Sky CultAlien Sky Cult

Alien Sky Cult

I can’t recall how much I may have discussed this in the past, but I’ve been to India. Spent some serious time there, and loved every fucking minute.

I loved feeling like I was the only caucasian within a 50-mile radius. That’s likely not true, but it certainly felt that way. The place was enchanting and gritty; the food was amazing and some of the women were beyond beautiful.

Anyways, I have a special affinity for India.

So I was really hoping that Alien Sky Cult would be good when I received the following email from the band’s drummer, Siddhartha.

“We are a metalcore/hardcore band based in New Delhi, India. We used to chat about the metal scene here in India. I’m not sure even if you would consider listening to the EP. So I’m just giving you a heads-up. I’m not expecting a review or anything. Just feedback on our compositions.”

Well, let me say this: You guys are fucking solid.

As you will see from the following tunes, these guys can fucking play. Alas, it’s so hard to stand out in the whole metalcore scene because most people don’t head into it anticipating much progression will be evident.

Most metalcore bands sound like carbon copies of each other.

But when you consider this band’s out in India, where I only saw dudes rocking the occasional Iron Maiden or Metallica shirt, you’ve gotta be impressed.

I mean, I imagine there aren’t many bands that play music like this over there. Maybe I’m wrong.

Siddhartha, I think Alien Sky Cult’s fucking decent. Would I go so far as to say stellar? I’m not drunk yet. But you guys are good, and I can only anticipate you’ll get better.

You Are Not Alone by Alien Sky Cult

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