Readers’ Bands: Buried With Children Does Nasty Well

Check out these death thrash dudes from Georgia

Jason, doing his thingJason, doing his thing

Jason, doing his thing

Remember this day, kids.

Why? Because this is the day that you discovered death thrash act Buried With Children, thanks to your old pal Chris.

Buried With Children hail from Georgia, and mothershit, they’re fucking good. Think the Black Dahlia Murder, only from Georgia.

Good’s an understatement. I actually dig what they’re doing so much that I’d sign these boys to my record label.

If I had a label, that is. I don’t, so…they’re still unsigned and still nasty as fuck.

We received an email from Jason not that long ago (he’s a member of the group).

“I’ve been visiting the site now for 2+ years usually multiple times a day looking for updates. I love the site and was wondering if you would check out my band,” he writes.

“Good or bad we are asking for your opinion, which is a nerve-racking thing to ask for, but we are men and we can handle whatever comes our way. It is a valued opinion though as I agree with the majority of your writings,” he adds.

Well, Jason…it’s all good, dude.

You guys are sick. Those vocals are insane, the guitars rip, the bass lines drip, and the drumming is punishing. You’re band’s fucking awesome. Too bad I live all the way up north here, or I’d go see these guys in action.

Until they sign a deal and start touring, we’ll have to be content checking out what music they have recorded.

Here’s Buried With Children. Listen and love.

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