Readers’ Bands: Kingdom Of Giants Craft Banal Metalcore

Kingdom of GiantsKingdom of Giants

Kingdom of Giants

Sadly or perhaps not sadly, I’m not much for the metalcore anymore.

Hell, I saw all of the greats — the fuckers who started the fucking genre — rock stages back in the day, so it’s been hard to get behind the bands of the modern scene after watching bands of nincompoops sully the metalcore tag with their piss-poor contributions to music.

That said, I do not like the band Kingdom of Giants, despite giving their music an honest chance.

Apparently, the band’s manager reads this site, and asked a while back for us to do a write-up on the “up and coming metal band out of northern and southern California!”

Without more help from great blogs like yours, it is harder to share the band’s talent with the world!,” writes Vince. “If there is anything you could do to help our up and coming band we would be more than grateful!”

How about calming it with the exclamation point usage for starters.

So, yeah, I listened to Kingdom of Giants, and frankly, was rather bored by them. Boredom turned to annoyance, and eventually, I had to shut them off.

Maybe if I were 18 and mad at the world (in a different way than I am now), and I liked hitting the pit and “getting crazy fucked up, yo,” I’d be down with this kind of music. It’s aggressive, it’s loud, and somewhat catchy.

But it does nothing to advance the genre. It’s cookie-cutter, and it’s banal.

That’s just my opinion, which, at the end of the day, matters little.

I mean, I just read the band signed a new deal back in June to a label, so what do I know?

Listen for yourself, and see if you don’t agree.

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