Readers’ Bands: Let’s Check Out New England Rockers Mongrel



Not that long ago, a fellow by the name of Adam Savage wrote us to sing our praises.

“Just found the site and really enjoy it,” Adam writes, before pitching us on his female fronted “rock-punk-metal” band.

Rock-punk-metal, you say? That’s like the mafia restaurant near my house that has a sign out front that reads “Lobster-Steak-Chops.” I’ve always wondered what a lobster-steak-chop would taste like, and now, I know what rock-punk-metal sounds like.

Enter Mongrel, Adam’s band.

“Keep up the good work and I hope you enjoy the tunes,” he writes us.

If I’m going to be honest, and I always am, I can’t really sink my teeth into Mongrel, and it’s those lyrics that are keeping me from doing so.

The music’s OK, but it’s not pushing any envelopes. It’s safe, pure and simple, and I’m sure radio rock fans throughout New England appreciate this band.

But those lyrics.

Take the song “Snakes,” for instance. The lyrics are so simple, I feel like my niece could have written them. But she’s not jaded enough to write a song like this, so she’d just end up writing some tune about unicorns and karate class…which would be better and at least pensive.

I don’t know. The band’s not terrible. But Adam, I hate to say it…you’re far from great. You guys sound like you have chops…use ‘em. Turn it up a notch, you know?

Listen for yourself. Maybe I’m totally off base here but I don’t feel like I am.

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