Readers’ Bands: This Is Imminent Peril

New York band deliver the death metal groove

Imminent PerilImminent Peril

Imminent Peril

After a long hiatus, I’ve revived the Readers’ Bands column because, well, some of the people who check out the site are also fairly imposing musicians, in groups that should get some recognition but can’t afford publicists to help them achieve it.

Being a broke bitch myself, I can relate.

Today, we’re all going to check out a band called Imminent Peril, who’ve recently lost their drummer and are in need of a replacement.

Imminent Peril are from an area located just north of New York City, and include a dude named Samgar.

He emailed us a while back: “First off, I am a big fan of Gunshy, I get it in my RSS every day, multiple times a day even. Good shit. I just wanted to let you know that we have just released a video for our song ‘Madness.’ It is the first of four videos that make up a single film.”

Samgar instructed me to “review it, bash it, ignore it — all of those work for me, except ignore it.”

I did not ignore you, Samgar. In fact, I checked out some of your band’s music, and I definitely hear the Death influence.

There’s very little I don’t like about Imminent Peril.

I suggest you have a look-see at their video for “Madness” below, if only because it features a beautiful chick’s gorgeous hind.

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