Readers’ Bands: This Is Outright Resistance

U.K.-based groove metal band can play, but need to develop their sound more before they can roll with the big boys

Outright ResistanceOutright ResistanceI’m sorry to all you unsigned and unknown bands out there who’ve been looking for coverage on GSA. It has been fucking forever since I spotlighted one of the bands of one of the site’s readers, and there’s no excuse.

I will say, though, that for a while there, I didn’t see a point in updating the Readers’ Bands column because I was going to shut this shit down. But now, I’m hoping to get enough support to keep it going strong. Thus far, my efforts have been feeble, generating pledges from just 17 readers.

Ho-hum. I guess people would rather get their fucking metal news from corporate sites with boards and stockholders, or other sites run by wimps afraid of offending the wrong people.

I’ve offended ‘em all. Keep the site alive. Do your part here. Well, enough about me — let’s talk about Michael Worsley.

He’s a reader who plays guitar for U.K.-based heavy groove metal quintet Outright Resistance.

“I read your blog on a regular basis,” he writes, telling us how he misses the Adler Chatter columns.

You and me both, Michael.

“I would be enthusiastically grateful on behalf of the band if I could ask you to take a few moments of your time to check out our Demo EP Don’t Eat My Organs,” he wrote.

I did. You, too, can check it out at the end of this post, where I’ve embedded a stream of it.

What can I say? These dudes can play, and Michael, I love that passion that I am hearing in these songs. The musicianship is superb, by all accounts, but there’s something missing from the songs, keeping them from being great.

I can’t put my finger on it, exactly. But my ears tell me that it has something to do with your singer, who is — I’m sure — a lovely person. But he needs to step things up vocally if you guys are ever going to make a dent.

Outright Resistance cites Machine Head, Chimaira and Lamb Of God as influences, and that’s evident.

See for yourself what the band’s all about below.

Don’t Eat My Organs EP by Outright Resistance

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