Release Date Information For Temple Run 3 On iOS and Android

Temple Run and Temple Run 2 are considered the most popular smartphone games of all time. Both are available on Android and iOS devices alongside other platforms. Of course, players want a sequel to the game, and chances are high that Temple Run 3 is nearing a release. The developer of the first two games has yet to say anything about a potential third game. That hasn’t stopped players from proclaiming that a sequel is indeed on the way. It’s not a guarantee, but the game could hit Google Play and the App Store this year!

2015: Should We Expect Temple Run 3?

The first Temple Run was released back in 2011. Android and iOS users loved the game, downloading it millions of times after release. In 2013, the sequel followed to plenty of critical acclaim and even more downloads. Both games have seen a combined billion downloads, which is an incredible figure. Temple Run 3 makes sense for 2015 because the previous games were two years apart in release. At this point, rumors point toward August 2015, and two years is a smart period between smartphone games.

An August 2015 Release Seems Likely

August 2015 continues to pop up in the rumor mill as the release month for Temple Run 3. For now, no confirmation of a specific date has been made. The game could be announced at any point during August, if that is indeed the correct release month. Fans aren’t going to know until that month actually rolls around. Currently, Temple Run’s development team has no incentive to reveal the game or make an official announcement. August gives the team enough time to polish the game, which has supposedly been in development for a year.

January 2016 Might Make More Sense, Though

Then again, January 2016 makes even more sense than August 2015 for Temple Run 3. That’s because Temple Run and Temple Run 2 were both released in January. Imangi Studios, the developer, could make players wait three years instead of two for the game. In some ways, releasing the third game in January makes sense in relation to the past two games. Both predecessors remain incredibly popular apps, so it’s not like players are going to forget about the Temple Run series after a few more months.

Temple Run Series Unparalleled By Other Mobile Games

A billion downloads across both Temple Run games is an astounding number. Few apps have been downloaded that many times, and mobile device users love this series. With the addition of Temple Run 3, the franchise will continue to break download and other records for smartphone apps. This endless run game is simple in nature, but it’s fun and challenging at the same time, which helps explain its lasting popularity.

Temple Run 3 Is On Its Way

Likely, Temple Run 3 will be released within the next 18 months. A release in August 2015 is possible, and January 2016 even seems like a good release date candidate. Only Imangi Studios knows the truth about Temple Run 3, but the studio stands to earn a lot of money by releasing a third game in the series. For that reason, Temple Run 3 is closer to a guarantee instead of a rumor.

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