Reuters Runs Story On Republicans And Death Metal

Cannibal Corpse

Dude, Reuters must have been ultra desperate for Tampa-related stories ahead of the upcoming Republican convention, because they ran this huge piece on death metal, and how contradictory it is that the convention next week is being held in Tampa, home of the genre.

“When they convene in Tampa to nominate Mitt Romney for president next week, Republicans will not hear a note from the city’s most notable musical exports: death-metal bands such as Deicide and Obituary,” reads the Reuters article.

“Tampa gave the world death metal, a boundary-pushing style of heavy rock that features lyrics that can be decidedly anti-Christian,” the article continues.

“Some say it’s ironic that a party that includes large numbers of religious conservatives would hold its convention in the city that fostered a musical genre known for album titles like To Hell With God and Butchered At Birth.

The article quotes Steve Huey, who works for “It’s kind of like having a group called Abstinence for the Sexually Anxious holding its convention in San Francisco. Or a group called Society for the Hatred of Corn deciding to meet up in Iowa.”

Oh, dude…The Society for the Hatred of Korn meets every other month in my basement. Everyone knows that.

“Homegrown acts such as Hate Eternal and Morbid Angel are not booked for the plaza-filling concerts or high-dollar fundraisers that will keep conservative and evangelical Republicans occupied in the convention’s off hours. That is not surprising for a style of music in which ‘brutal’ is a compliment. Drummers play at breakneck speed, guitarists peel off dense, atonal riffs, and vocalists sing lyrics about gore and Satan in a low-pitched growl.

“Death metal has gained followers worldwide since it emerged from Tampa in the late 1980s, but its appeal is far from universal, adds the article.

The article even quotes David Vincent of Morbid Angel, who said, “There is usually something far more creative and worthwhile happening that distracts our focus from the ever-important empty suits who promise everything and deliver nothing.”


“Cannibal Corpse bassist Alex Webster said he held no grudge against the Republican Party, even though Dole, its one-time nominee, singled out his band for criticism. Democrats also have targeted the band, he noted. ‘The kind of people that are going to listen to Bob Dole’s opinion are not the kind of people who want to listen to our music in the first place,’ Webster said. ‘There are plenty of Republican death-metal fans. I’m sure we have fans on both sides of the fence.’”

Read the entire article here, if you must. They really went out on a long fucking limb for this one.

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