Review: Nile, The Faceless Devastate Australian Crowd



When I first heard that Nile were playing at The Corner, I was excited. Not too overwhelmed by The Faceless opening, or A Million Dead Birds Laughing’s new direction, but still pretty stoked. Needless to say, it would turn out to be a night to remember, filled with tech death goodness and a broken drumstick.

First, as always, the sound was great. I’d come to expect that from The Corner, but after hearing Kvelertak’s weak sound, there was a nagging worry that Nile’s wouldn’t be that great either. Thankfully, that wasn’t the case; the sound was fantastic even from the barrier, which is apparently hard to get right in some venues.

Oh, and the crowd was rude. Ruder than normal crowds. There was a dude in front of me at the barrier for The Faceless who just wanted to ruin my experience, shoving me back away from him and trying to let him get enough room that could house three people, a dog, and a cruise ship comfortably. Bro-core faggotry needs to be stopped.

AMDBL used to be one of those bands you would talk about when you wanted to listen to weird, brutal shit. I challenge you to listen to Xen and not be blown away by that shit. But their change in vocalists heralded a new era for AMDBL that turned them from eclectic and influential to just being like every other grindcore band, just a little more tech-y. I’ve seen them play several times with both their old and new vocalists, but this gig was probably their best performance with their new vocalist. I didn’t jam out too much, but it was fun.

The Faceless were the surprise of the night.

I wasn’t expecting much, if only because of the large number of bro-core douchebags, but those reservations quickly went away. They were brilliant. Odd, but brilliant. Their vocalist kept staring out into space when he wasn’t singing. I’m not sure if he does that at all their gigs or if he was having a stroke but he seemed fine.

His eyes are that kind of scary blue that penetrates your soul, which made me uncomfortable that I noticed that. I wasn’t too familiar with The Faceless’ material, but “Xenochrist” and the “Autotheist Movements” were great. It looked like they were missing their bassist, though, which was odd. It was a shame, although it was still a lot of fun and I’d definitely see them again. [Edit: Read why the bassist was missing in action here]

After a reasonably quick set-up, Nile took the stage. Blue hoodie-wearing fuckhead out of the way, I was able to enjoy myself a lot more. Not only that, but I was way more familiar with their repertoire (ooh fancy) than I was with The Faceless, so I had a great time jamming out. With a lot of their older material and all the good newer songs, I was having a ball. And it was awesome to see the band up there having fun as well.

I love that about gigs, if you haven’t noticed. If the band is having fun, there’s a good chance everyone else is, too. I think that’s what put me off The Faceless’ performance. They just looked so stiff and rigid on stage, completely caught up in whatever passes for pretentiousness in prog these days.
Instrumentally, Nile were fantastic. I mean, sure — they’re a tech death band but the solos were great: total guitar wankery, but a nice embellishment to the songs. Karl’s solos were superb, except for one which I thought was a bit meh and didn’t sound all that good, but otherwise awesome.

They had a great stage presence and George Kollias is a fucking machine on the drums. Combined with the fantastic set that really combined all the good points of the band, it turned out to be one of the best death metal gigs I’ve been to. And to top it all off, Geoffrey (The Faceless’ vocalist) joined Nile for “Black Seeds of Vengeance.” A kickass ending to an awesome set, topped off by George Kollias, the monster himself, handing me a half-shattered drumstick. What a night it was.

That’s it for me. Check out AMDBL if you don’t know them. Their older stuff is better but their new stuff is far from bad. The Faceless are pretty good, go listen to them as well. Just don’t be a bro-core assmuncher.

No-one likes that shit, man, just cool your jets a bit. And if you haven’t checked out Nile, I am ashamed. Not just of you, but your teachers in the ways of metal. Why did you even read this if you don’t know Nile? Go listen to them regardless.

The Faceless set list:
1. Autotheist Movement I – Create
2. Autotheist Movement II – Emancipate
3. Autotheist Movement III – Deconsecrate
4. An Autopsy
Shape Shifters interlude
5. Coldly Calculated Design
6. Accelerated Evolution
7. Ten Billion Years
8. Xenochrist

Nile set list:
1. Dusk Falls Upon the Temple of the Serpent on the Mount of Sunrise
2. Sacrifice Unto Sebek
3. Defiling the Gates of Ishtar
4. Kafir!
5. Hittite Dung Incantation
6. The Inevitable Degradation of Flesh
7. Enduring the Eternal Molestation of Flame
8. Supreme Humanism of Megalomania
9. Sarcophagus
10. Howling of the Jinn
11. Ithyphallic
12. The Blessed Dead
13. Lashed to the Slave Stick
14. Unas, Slayer of the Gods
15. Black Seeds of Vengeance

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