Revolver’s Hottest Chicks In Metal: The Ultimate Gimmick

Revolver EIC Brandon Geist, no doubt one of the hottest dudes in metal

So, I know that some people maintain this site employs gimmickry, if only for the fact that we put pictures of hot girls in some of our posts — in lieu of images of, say, big, sweaty metal dudes you’ve seen pictures of a thousand times before. Is it a gimmick? I guess in a way, it is. More than anything though, I’m just a pervert, and I like pictures of sensual, beautiful women.

I was over on The Gauntlet today, and noticed an editorial directed towards Brandon Geist, the publisher of that useless rag Revolver, calling for an end to the mag’s annual “Hottest Chicks in Metal” feature. For years, I have been saying this pictorial spread should end, because at the end of the day, there’s only something like 13 chicks in metal, and Revolver recycles the same tired broads over and over again.

Last year, they actually threw pictures of a 17-year-old girl in the magazine, which was perhaps a new low for Revolver, a magazine owned by the same company that owns Guitar World; I have it on very good authority that the editors of both publications have threatened to deny certain bands coverage in ink, should they refuse to provide exclusive content to the magazine’s respective Web sites. That means every song stream those sites run were the result of black mail. Give us song streams, or we won’t write about your bands. Pretty shitty, guys.

The Gauntlet posted quotes from Angela Gossow of Arch Enemy, without whom there may never have been a “Hottest Chicks in Metal” in the first place. She says she’s asked the magazine not to run certain images, but that such requests were ignored.

“It was really upsetting to me,” Gossow said. “Revolver kept exploiting this one picture they had despite several requests not to do that. I had to get very aggressive and threaten to publish emails for them to get the hint.

“It basically came down to Revolver telling us that if you don’t want to be in these Revolver Magazine chicks issues anymore, then they’d make sure Arch Enemy would never be featured in another magazine by their publisher,” she says.

Revolver and Guitar World think they are more important than they are, and apparently, so does every label and publicist. To threaten a withdrawal of coverage if their demands are not met is fucked up.

“So we are no longer seen in any magazines by their publisher. We are not a small band so we just don’t give a fuck,” says Angie. “Revolver puts us in the corner with other female fronted bands. There is no female fronted bands genre and this doesn’t say anything about the music we play. We want to be seen as a band and as musicians. We don’t want to be in their shitty recycled jerk-off calendars.”

She added: “Chicks are what you call a chicken. If they ever call me that, I’m going to tear their fucking balls off. ‘Hottest Chicks in Metal’ is already sexist just from the title. I hope this all goes away as their are so many women getting into metal and it doesn’t even mean anything anymore. Girls growing up now aren’t seeing a female fronted band as a novelty, but just as something they are growing up with. I am in the second generation of women in metal. Once the third, forth, and fifth generation of women start getting into metal it will be so cool. It takes time though. People need to keep an open mind. You can’t have parents saying that playing this instrument is not for a girl. They need to be more positive and say ‘yeah of course I will buy you a drumkit and you can play the bass in your bedroom as much as you want.”

If you have a subscription to Guitar World or Revolver, I encourage you to cancel it. Let’s bury these fucking rags once and for all.

Having worked for Revolver at one time, I can also tell you that their reviews are basically based on ad sales. If a label buys an ad for a disc, that album will get a favorable review. And vice versa.

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