Rob Zombie Discusses Next Album, The Record Biz

Explains how illegal downloading has “freed” him

Rob ZombieRob Zombie

Rob Zombie

Rob Zombie had a nice sit down chat recently with my pal Full Metal Jackie (who I have spent time with in Japan; she’s a lovely woman who really knows her shit), and spoke about how his next album will contain 1,000 more “YEAHs” than that last pile of shit he released.

I kid. But he did say his next album will be his finest work to date. He says that every time he puts out a new record.

The new LP is done, he says:

“Now I’m thinking about it, now the record is pretty much finished, I came up with an idea for one more song that I want to do but other than that, it’s done.”

He claims the new material’s the bomb, baby.

“You just have that moment in time when you’re writing songs, you’re playing and this record — I hate talking about this stuff because it sounds like absolute nonsense. When was the last time you ever interviewed anyone from any band ever and they told you this isn’t their best album. It’s a cliche thing, right?

“But I really felt with the last album, Venomous Rat that somehow, you don’t consciously think you’re off the tracks and you’re veering off — you’re just making music and you’re doing your thing. You don’t see your life from the outside point of view that other people will view you in your music. But I felt like with Venomous Rat that somehow we had gotten back on track, it actually felt that way. Like, wow! This feels like it did years ago.

“This record is just continued further down that road where it feels like you’re inspired. You don’t feel like, ‘Ah God, we have to write some more songs.’ Every song seems different and exciting, it seems like the old days. There are just certain songs that we just cannot wait to play live that you just know are going ot be part of the show.

“You just have a weird sense of it. Kind of like when we finished ‘Dead City Radio,’ and that when we play it in the show it gets as big of a cheer as if we played ‘Dragula’ or some old song. You just have that moment in time where you feel like you’ve hit that same nerve with a song, and this record has a lot of that.”

Next, he discussed the sluggish state of the music industry, which he’s apparently a big fan of.

“I think, in a funny way, everyone is always complaining about the record business and complaining about illegal downloading. I don’t care about any of that stuff. In fact, in a funny sort of way the fact that nobody buys records doesn’t bother me. In fact, I feel like it’s freed me.

“I never did anything to sell records, per se, but when you take that pressure away 100 percent, I swear to God you get more creative because it doesn’t matter anymore. That’s really been the case, I’m happy to give it away for free.

“I don’t care. I just want to make it, play it, get crazy with it and I think this new climate is — I hear a lot of musicians crying about it but for me, it’s re-energized us.”

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