Rob Zombie Responds To Woolite Commercial Criticism

Rob Zombie

What does Rob Zombie say to anyone who claims his recent decision to direct a Woolite commercial was a sell-out move? He’d probably say, “Well good sir or ma’am, I wholeheartedly disagree with you.” Probably.

In a brand new interview, Zombie says while he was making the ad, he never considered there would be a backlash from the fans. “It hadn’t crossed my mind,” he says.

“Whenever anyone talks about selling out it’s the most absurd statement anyone could make,” Rob argues. “I’ve never done anything I didn’t want to do, to me selling out is changing your music, your image, everything based on some sort of corporate manipulation to become rich and famous. I’ve never done that.

“When someone says I’ve sold out I say, ‘What do you do for a living?’ and maybe they’ll say, ‘Oh, I work at Walmart.’ So they’re corporate whores for the largest corporation in the world but have the nerve to [call me a] ‘sell-out?’”

Zombie says that directing the commercial was all just part of him growing as a director.

“I like doing different things, I did an episode of ‘CSI: Miami’ because I wanted to see what it was like to do a TV show and now a commercial; you want to get these things under your belt. The funny thing is a lot of people are like, ‘Oh it’s so weird that you’re doing this’ but every single director does it, it’s just that they don’t usually mention it. I could’ve easily done that commercial and never said a word and no one would ever know but I thought it was funny so I told people about it.”

Name names, Rob, or I’m not buying. You can’t paint all directors with the same brush. Name names, dude.

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