Roku 4 Overview: Hardware, Features and Price

Two years have passed since the launch of Roku 3. As the holidays went by we saw the price drop and was lower than usual for quite some time which lead a lot of people to think that Roku 4 is somewhere close. Even if there is no official announcement media outlets believe that the new Roku will be launched sometime this year. What we saw so far this year is an upgrade of the Roku 2 hardware, making it a better deal than Roku 3. Regardless, everyone is getting ready for Roku 4 and a lot of people actually prefer to wait rather than to get one.

What’s Missing From The Current Generation And Might Come With Roku 4

Each new generation of Roku came with something new that was missing in the previous one. As most of the users noticed, the lack of a reset button is a big pain. Each time the device freezes the power cable needs to be unplugged for a second then plugged back in.

Another feature that was partially implemented is voice recognition. It was introduced recently to Roku 3 and so far it is working quite well. It seems that the dev team is working on adding new features and they are testing them on older generation hardware. These features will most likely be included in the new Roku 4 straight out of the box.

As we look at stream quality, Roku 4 should come with additional codecs that will allow higher rates of compression. This means higher quality for the same bandwidth. In terms of features this also means possible support for 4K streams. So far the biggest challenge with 4K is the bandwidth required to stream it and video RAM. 4K frames require about 4 times more RAM and mobile GPUs still run on modest amounts of RAM. Also since the images are bigger bandwidth needs to be optimized on mobile hardware which is what Roku uses.

Hardware Overview

The upcoming Roku will certainly make use of more powerful hardware and a quad-core CPU seems like the best choice. Internal RAM should also go up to 2GB in order to support 4K streams.

Looking at the remote Roku 4 should come with a brand new one that includes more features and support for gaming. As the hardware will be upgraded the games will also show an increase in quality thus promoting gaming on Roku. The current generation already has a wide selection of games and as the number keeps on increasing the community will start demanding a controller.

Should You Wait For Roku 4?

The ones that are planning to buy a Roku might want to put that thought aside. Up till 2013 when Roku 3 was launched, the company used to release a new version every year. The current generation is already two year old and Roku 4 should come sometime this year. It should have more features, superior hardware and possibly 4K streaming capabilities. In terms of pricing the current generation should go through a price drop to make way for the new one and the Roku 4 should be selling for a reasonable price.

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