Roku 4 Release Date, Features and Enchancements

Roku 3 has been around for two years and it seems that the developers are preparing a new device that will be released this year. Roku is a tech company from America, based in California. Roku became quite popular very fast and it is now one of the most used TV streaming devices out there. However, the developers decided to not release a new Roku version last year and they will need to react and bring a new device that will make the company recover the lost ground.

Roku 4 specs and features

According to rumors, the Roku 4 comes with some great features and enhancements which will surely make a lot of people interested in buying it. Roku 4 will support 4K video streaming, which means that it will be the first media streaming device that can do this.

The Roku 4 will feature a front panel reset button, it will support 802.11 AC Wi-Fi, an improved channel store and a stabilized firmware.

Roku 4 will come with 2GB of RAM which is a big change from the current 512MB that is currently found on Roku 3. When it comes to CPU, it will most likely be improved, but there are no rumors yet regarding it. The Roku 4 will come with a new remote control that will feature a voice search button. This way, you will be able to search for content by using your voice.

HINT: The Voice Search feature is already available on the Roku 3 2015 version.

Roku 4: Release date

Until now, Roku didn’t confirm that they are bringing Roku 4 this year. However, we’ve already spotted big discounts for the Roku 3 device, which means that the company is preparing to make “space” for an upcoming Roku device. According to earlier rumors, the Roku 4 will most likely come this fall.

Do you own a Roku device? Are you going to buy the new Roku 4 when it gets released or will you prefer to purchase a streaming device from another company?

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