Roku 4 Specs, Price and Release Date

Media streaming devices have evolved from being just another gadget to have in your arsenal to one meant to spice your living room experience altogether. Roku is one of the well-known brands in this market segment with a large number of users across the world. The company looks to expand its territories and is all set to launch the upgraded version of it’s media streaming device Roku 4 which is set to hit stores in 2015. What can users expect from the upcoming Roku 4? Let us find out.

What Did Roku 3 Offer?

Before we actually move on to the details about Roku 4, it is important to know what it’s predecessor had on offer. The Roku 3 was launched almost 2 years ago 2013 which is a long time considering the pace at which technology moves these days. The product was available with a WiFi Direct remote and featured 512 MB RAM and 256MB of internal storage. The device was neat and compact with rounded corners and was black in colour. The fact that the price of the Roku 3 has been slashed from $99 to $76 is a fair indicator that the company plans to introduce the latest version soon with better features and technology on offer.

Roku 4 Rumours and Details

A lot of people has their eyes set on CES 15 as they expected Roku 4 to be launched at the mega event which would have set the ball rolling for the media streaming device. However that did not happen and it is expected that the company is sorting out the finer details before the release of the latest edition of the Roku series. If the latest reports are to be believed, Roku 4 will hit the stores sometime in May 2015 and will be priced around the $100 mark. It is expected that the price of the Roku 3 and Roku 2 will be reduced further after the launch of the Roku 4 and the Roku 4 will be discontinued.

Specifications To Be Expected

The new Roku 4 is expected to have the feature to play 4k videos and will be branded as Roku 4K most probably. 4K technology is one for the future and the company is intent on enticing customers with this feature.

Roku has already announced that the devices will be able to support 4K Ultra HD Streaming which will be a major upgrade on your viewing experience.

Interface is one of the things that is expected to change and there has been work that has been done to make the device more user friendly. The main menu is rumored to have been revamped and the UI is slated to undergo some minor changes. Considering the fact that the last release came more than two years ago, such changes are definitely something that can be expected.

The Roku 4 will definitely have more RAM and larger internal storage. This is a necessity as other media streaming devices are also upping their specifications and Roku 4 is expected to follow suit.

There will also be an updated application for the smartphone which is a welcome addition.

It is only a matter of time before Roku officially announces the release so users just need to keep their eyes open. The media streaming market is definitely going to spice up once again as most major players are expected to launch their updated products this year. Roku will just be hoping to beat them all this time.

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