Roku 4 To Hit The Market During Summer 2015?

Roku sells a popular lineup of streaming devices, including the Roku Streaming Stick and multiple Roku Players. These devices allow users to stream content to their televisions with ease. Plus, certain games can be played on most of these devices.

The company is expected to release the Roku 4 sometime in 2015, which should come with advanced features and hardware. Nothing has been confirmed yet, but Roku rumors have been fairly accurate in the past. It seems as though a new Roku Player is due within months.

All Signs Point To A Roku 4

Recently, Roku introduced updated models of the Roku 2 and Roku 3 machines. Over two years have passed since the Roku 3 was introduced to the market, though. Also, the company has been running various promotions on its current devices. Discounted devices are sometimes an indication that something new is coming. That has fueled rumors that Roku 4 is almost here, and it’s hard to argue against that point. Typically, a new streaming device has been released annually or semi-annually after all.

Roku 4: Summer 2015 Release Date?

If the company is working on a Roku 4 right now, then chances are high it will be announced this coming summer. Roku can’t afford to wait too long on a new device because competition is heating up. Since Roku 3 debuted, Amazon and Google have released new streaming machines. Unfortunately, the company’s refreshed Roku 2 and 3 players won’t be enough to fight back against stiff competition. A new, more powerful device is necessary sooner rather than later, or the company could see a declining user base.

Likely, Roku 4 wouldn’t be announced until September 2015. An announcement could come anytime before then, but a June 2015 announcement seems like the earliest possible release. Any release date before then could leave Roku short on available units, and that would cause more trouble for the company. Then again, there’s always a chance that the announcement is pushed back into Fall 2015 or even Q1 2016. Roku’s silence on the issue shows that the company is willing to wait.

What will set Roku 4 apart from the competition?

4K streaming capabilities are almost a certainty for the Roku 4. To accomplish this feat, Roku will need to upgrade the processor and RAM from the Roku 3. That would make a more powerful machine, and one that’s capable of more functions like gaming. An update user interface and brand new remote are guarantees, too. In fact, the company could even throw a gaming controller into the mix and make the Roku 4 look aesthetically superior to its predecessors. Opportunities to make the device better than the competition are limitless.

Are You Prepared For Roku 4?

Analysts are in agreement that Roku is developing the Roku 4, but a release date isn’t cemented yet. Summer 2015 would be the perfect launch period because Apple plans to release a new Apple TV device during that timeframe. For the best results, Roku needs to preempt the competition and release its newest device first. Doing so would give the company better positioning in the market, and consumers have already come to trust Roku’s devices anyways.

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