Sacred Mother Tongue Breaks Up

Sacred Mother Tongue

This is fucking whack-ass shit, if ever shit was whack-ass.

Sacred Mother Tongue — who we streamed a track from back in April — have thrown in the towel.

The band’s forthcoming co-headlining tour with Voodoo Six will be the last shows it will ever play.

Says singer Darrin South: “This is a gut-wrenching decision that has troubled us all for some time, but alas, with a heavy heart we have decided to bite the bullet and bring an end to the band.

“So with what will now be, our farewell tour, we’re gonna play the hell outta these shows as if our lives depended on it. Come along as it will be your last chance to see Sacred Mother Tongue perform, and we’re gonna make sure it’s a memorable tour for all.

“Our favorite thing to do is play shows and bring new music to the world; performing our songs on the road and interacting with our fans is the most rewarding experience we can imagine. But with the current climate and the effects the Internet has had on the music industry, each tour we do costs us far too much money. We obviously receive support from our label, and generally get back ‘some’ of what you pay for your ticket, but it’s a far cry from being enough to keep the band on the road, and the result is that we spend all our own money to come and play for you guys which is impossible for us to sustain. Hopefully you’ll go easy on us for our decision.

“We have spent the better part of ten years building this band from the ground up, starting as a covers outfit back in 2004, so the decision has, by no means come lightly to us. But the saddening truth that we must face up to is that it simply isn’t Sacred’s time.

“Our music hasn’t inspired people in the way that we had hoped and a general lack of interest from the public has caused us issues with funding and promotion for years. The band simply cannot carry on like this despite the fact that we love what we do, and still believe, 100% in our music and what Sacred stands for. But much like a failing business, the time has come to cut our losses and move on,” he says.

“It would be very arrogant for us to blame this ‘failure’ on the industry, or funding, or poor management, but the fact of it is; the band just isn’t popular enough. We have always been committed to our music; we’ve never taken direction from management or our peers and have always done what ‘we’ wanted to do. We’ve always held our heads high in the knowledge that our integrity is intact, and we have continued with our work, in a category that we believe makes us a ‘real’ band. A band with no frills, no lies, no gimmicks… just great music. Perhaps this has been detrimental to us, perhaps not; either way this is the only way any of us were, and still are, interested in working as musicians.”

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