Saliva Staying Alive With Soundtrack Work

This man is cracked

So, this may surprise you, but that band Saliva’s still together. Yeah, I thought they broke up years ago myself. But we’re wrong. Saliva is still making music. Someone is still interested in hearing new shit from a band notorious for releasing some seriously shitty shit.

Every time I think about Saliva, I recall an interview the good Joe D’Angelo did for MTV News. When I worked in the newsroom at 1515, this interview became the thing of legend. Josey Scott — Saliva’s frontman — is nuts. Here’s an excerpt: “We were in a studio around the Boston area that was haunted. We’ve been in haunted studios before, like A&M in Hollywood is supposed to be haunted but friendly-haunted — just cool, little quirky stuff would happen. But this place was not friendly. My lead guitar player, Wayne Swinny, called the ghost out, man. He was like, ‘Fuckin’ bring it on! Where the fuck you at?’ He was layin’ on his bed, and his bed goes [crashing sound] and falls to the ground, dude. His bed breaks, and he’s a little 96-pound guy, soaking wet.”

When Joe told Scott “I don’t think you can beat up a ghost,” Josey came back with this: “Yeah, a ghost will fuck your ass up, no matter what you think.” I highly suggest you read the full interview. I bring up Saliva because they have a song on the soundtrack for the new “Saw 3D” flick.

“Saw” soundtracks are renowned for containing hard rock tripe. Stuff E1 wouldn’t even touch. And wouldn’t you know it, this seventh installment of the film will once again have a soundtrack compiled by someone with bad taste. This thing reads like a bad mix-tape made by Chevelle’s manager.

The soundtrack drops October 26, and features stellar tracks — some of them, exclusives — from some of hard rock’s cockiest. And Dir En Grey, who I have no problem with. I just wish they’d sing more in English. Who’s on it? Saving Abel, Dead By Sunrise, Hinder, Saliva’s new track “Badass,” Default, My Darkest Day, Lordi, and Wagdug Futuristic Unity. There’s a Nitzer Ebb track; I listened to them in high school but those records don’t hold up, sadly. There’s also a Krokus song. I mean…whatever, it’s awful. Just fucking awful. What the fuck! I don’t know a single soul who’ll be buying this soundtrack. Maybe that’s because I don’t know many people who live in North Dakota, where I imagine these bands all enjoy a huge following.

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