Samsung Galaxy Gear S vs. Apple Watch Sport (38 mm) – The Arch Rivals Compete Yet Again

The war between two mega brands, Samsung and Apple, for supremacy in the smart-device industry continues in the smartwatch section.

While Samsung has come up with its Gear series of wrist-wear, Apple has launched a series of the Watch. Though different products have distinguished price, the Samsung Galaxy Gear S and the Apple Watch Sport (38 mm) share the price tag. So which company wins in a fair platform? Let’s find out!


The Samsung Galaxy series of smartphones and watches works on the Android platform. With no involvement of any other operating system in the Galaxy series, the Galaxy Gear S is an Android-wear. This device supports and connects with the devices running on the Android 4.3 (KitKat) or higher. This means that the other OS, including the iOS, is not supported by the Samsung smartwatch.

On the other hand, the Apple Watch Sport is strictly launched for the Apple device users. As the iOS is the signature operating system offered by Apple, the Watch is compatible with the iOS devices only. However, it only supports updated, iOS 8 devices or higher. Hence, as the Gear S doesn’t support the Android devices running on versions older than the Android 4.3, the Watch Sport is not compatible with the Apple devices using the iOS 7 or older.

Winner: Tie


The Gear S comes with some remote smartphone features. This comprises the call conversation and voice control features. These two features are offered by the Apple Sport in addition to impressive features such as auto reconnection, Find My Phone functionality, music control and Apple Pay and respond to the notifications and camera shutter control.

Winner: Apple Watch Sport


The Gear S has a 2-inch Super AMOLED screen, whereas the Watch Sport has smaller, 1.49-inch screen with Retina Display. The Samsung device comes in a 58.3 mm plastic case, while its Apple counterpart features a silver aluminum case of 38 mm diameter. Overall, the Watch Sport fits better than the huge, Samsung device.

When it comes to wrist band options, the Gear S has strap as well as bangle type offering available in black and white colors. On the contrary, the Watch Sport comes with sport band of white, black, green, blue and pink colors. Therefore, the Apple device gives buyers an edge over the Gear S in terms of color availability.

Winner: Apple Watch Sport

The Apple Watch Sport is better than the Samsung Gear S in terms of features and built. While the two devices come with a $349 price tag, it can be concluded that the Apple device clearly beats the Samsung Gear S.

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