Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge New Colors for the summer

When the Samsung Galaxy S6 and the S6 Edge model were first announced, Samsung showed the phone in four different colors.

However, the initial launch featured only three colors for the S6 Edge and the standard Galaxy S6 model. Those were: Black Sapphire, White Pearl and Gold Platinum. Now, preparing for the summer, Samsung is finally launching the phone in the two remaining colors. The new colors will be available for all the S6 and S6 Edge models, no matter if it is an entry model with 32 GB of storage, or the high end model with 128 GB of built in space.

Blue Topaz S6 Exclusive

Blue Topaz is a color that Samsung reserved exclusively for the standard version of the Galaxy S6. The color makes the S6 a perfect, stylish and fashion accessory for the young generation. The color is vibrant, distinctive, yet expressive in the same time. What is best about the Blue Topaz color is the reflection it provides to the phone thanks to the glass rear. With a glass cover, the Blue Topaz looks as a metallic color, giving the S6 an extra flavor and asset in the battle for the best phone on the market.

Emerald Green S6 Edge Exclusive

As with the standard version of the S6, the Galaxy S6 Edge also comes in a color scheme that is reserved exclusively for the model. The color for the S6 Edge is Emerald Green. Given the fact that no other phone on the market has as rich a color as the Emerald Green, the S6 will look as a truly one of a kind handset and provide a uniqueness factor to any user holding it. The new color gives the S6 Edge, a combination of meaningful purpose and dynamic beauty. We can also note that Emerald Green was the official color of fashion in 2013. While it seems like Samsung is tad late to the party, the color makes the S6 Edge unique phone.

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