Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge – 5 Tips to Master the Edge Screen

Thanks to its side screen, the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge is bound to be one of the most talked phones in 2015.

Samsung tried an out of the box thinking for the Galaxy S6, releasing a standard version and an Edge version with side displays on both sides. It is a continuous approach that Samsung started with the Galaxy Note Edge. In order to master the phone, you need to use the full potential of the edge screen. Here is how.

Pick a Side

Before you ever start operating your Galaxy S6 Edge, you must pick a side. Only one side of the S6 Edge can be used at a time. Usually, picking a side depends on whether you are a left or right hand user. Either side works well; but left hand users usually pick the left edge screen, while right hand users opt for the right edge. To pick the edge, you need to head over to Settings > Edge Screen and then click on Edge Screen Position and choose the one fit for you.

Contact Colors

One of the best features of the Galaxy S6 Edge is People Edge, a feature that allows you to assign a color for each contact in your contacts list. The edge screen will glow in the color of your preference once the contact is calling you. It is a nifty feature to help you know who is calling you without picking up the phone. To assign colors, go to Settings > Edge Screen and then enter the People Edge menu.

Auto Response and Finger Reject

Another cool feature that is closely linked with People Edge is the ability to send auto responses and reject incoming calls with the fingerprint sensor. Once you have assigned colors for the contacts, simply press the fingerprint sensor and hold it for two seconds while the phone is faced down. You can also assign auto response messages that will be sent once you reject the call.

Manage Notifications

Once you set up which edge to work, and assign colors for your contacts, the next item on the list is to manage the notifications panel. You can choose which notifications to be shown on the information stream (the edge screen). You can enable email messages, SMS, missed calls and much more. Simply head over to Settings > Edge Screen > Select Notifications. Check the boxes for the notifications that you like displayed on the edge screen.

Night Clock

Night Clock is a great feature that saves battery power. Instead of turning on the screen and unlocking it to check the time, you can set up a clock to appear on the edge screen. To turn the night clock on go to Settings > Edge Screen and then click Night Clock.

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